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SMARTER: Space Manufacturing, Assembly and Repair Technology Exploration and Realisation. 

Manufacturing in space has the potential to positively affect human spaceflight operations by enabling the in-orbit manufacture of replacement parts and tools, which could reduce existing logistics requirements for the International Space Station (ISS) and future long-duration human space missions. In-space manufacturing could enable space-based construction of large structures and, perhaps someday, in the future, entire spacecraft. In-space manufacturing can also help to reimagine a new space architecture that is not constrained by the design and manufacturing confines of gravity, current manufacturing processes, and launch-related structural stresses. 


The SMARTER project investigated the technical feasibility of intelligent automated reconfigurable systems for manufacturing, assembly and repair operations in space.  


  • Build on the results of the EPSRC Evolvable Assembly Systems project concepts.  

  • Feasibility study around the application of the EAS “digital approach” to in-space manufacturing. 

  • Conduct a study on the conceptual approach, context awareness, and manufacturing system integration. 



  • Work with the consortium to develop use cases and products for manufacture and repair in space. 

  • Capture requirements, identify suitable technologies and assess limitations. 

  • Design concepts for a future physical manufacturing system in space. 


  • Requirements for utilisation of manufacturing processes in space. 

  • A conceptual framework and reference architecture. 

  • Detailed design concepts for an integrated intelligent manufacturing system deployable in space. 

  • A manufacturing system integration plan to support realisation. 

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